3 Nations Logging Limited Partnership

Licensed forestry contractor 3 Nations Logging is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moose Cree First Nation. Conceived to assume harvesting operations from Resolute Forest Products and for multinational timber manufacturers in Northern Ontario, the company has slowly expanded to other forestry sectors, providing an all-inclusive service from felling the tree to delivery of the logs to the intended market (the Mill).

In addition to our harvesting operations, 3 Nations Logging also offers land and brush clearing services, i.e. the removal of unwanted biomass. This service is offered to a variety of industries including but not limited to energy transmission lines, construction sites, agricultural land, etc.

3 Nations Logging employs 60 in the Abitibi forest region, providing logging, harvesting, and road maintenance work. The company has experience managing forestry operations with a highly qualified management team and operators.

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Contact Us

Principle Contact: Marcel Lacasse

3 Nations Logging Partnership
728 Hwy 652
P.O. Box 1209
Cochrane, ON
P0L 1C0

Phone: (705) 272-6325
Email: marcel.lacasse@mbdc.co

Website: www.3nl.ca